Legal Team/Minutes/2016-04-28

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  • Alan Tse
  • Sam Ellis
  • Kris Reeves
  • Kate Stewart
  • Mark Gisi
  • Brad Edmondson
  • Paul Madick
  • Dennis Clark
  • Tom Vidal


1) New license requests and related topics:

  • BSD Source Code Attribution // BSD-Source-Code - we were going to try to get a hold of author of license before adding (re: name); have had no luck. Add it for next release - yes
  • BSD-3-Clause-NoNuclear - discussion on mailing list based on whether this should be included on SPDX License List. There are really two variations of this, one which includes the term about restriction on licensing and one does not. If add, should add both.
  • Also a request regarding US Gov't works in the public domain. Anything on license list needs an exact text (to match against). If US Gov't has or comes up with such a thing, we can add this.
  • Alan had looked at NPM issue that had wanted to use "proprietary" as identifier, but that is what LicenseRef is for. Alan will respond to the person who requested this.

2) XML templates for SPDX License List and process for review:

  • Kris’ put up a video explaining the process, posted here:
  • He also put up a video on how to use Git - point of this is to allow others to make the changes needed
  • changes can also be made directly in Github: pull requests are coming from Kris' repository then to SPDX repository, so changes need to happen in Kris' repository - Kris may make another video to this end
  • wiki page for process description is here:
  • process: add new licenses to list as usual process; get on with review; will use "assigned to" function in Github to make sure we don't work over each other; bullet tag will leave for now, but may want to note this as we review
  • timing: can we get review done by next release at end of June; will need to make this determination on June 9th legal call
  • new process for new licenses: once switch to XML would be to have text for license and Kris envisions a web-based tool to convert to XML (instead of doing it all by hand)
  • We will have special call next week on May 5th at 10am mtn time to go over XML review; please watch video and read wiki page prior to call!!