Legal Team/Minutes/2016-02-18

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  • Paul Madick
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Kris Reeves
  • Sam Ellis
  • Eric Weddington
  • Phil Odence


1) License List templatizing proposal: update/review from Kris on state of proposal and look at first pass output and looked at an example in light of meeting minutes from joint call - notes here: (starting point for info on this proposal is here: )

  • discussion around <body> tag and what that should (or should not) include / nesting of tags:
    • comment that <body> tag doesn't include optional tags such as <title> or <copyright>
    • but <body> tag as is would allow to have variations on license, e.g., licenses that have different language translations that are considered equivalent; Sam has mapped translations to same identifier (for EUPL, and maybe CC licenses) - will need to discuss how to handle such situations as its own discussion
    • standard header uses a tag, which is missing in this pass; might be better to have it there with nothing in tag. header tag should not be included in tag that wraps the entire license
    • use of <body> tag for text of actual license alone is helpful if you want to automate reproducing just the license text
    • tagging bullets to illustrate where they can be disregarded; could not mark some numbering if want to have those matching
    • also discussed whether we would want to differentiate sub-sections within license text - value here could be in terms of compliance to reference specific sections and allowing traceability where compliance is not 100%, could identify where compliant
  • list of equivalent words would still apply, but not illustrated in these files; those would be included in another iteration of the license file that is more computer-friendly. These master files are for denoting things humans are good to identify that computers are not good at identifying
  • matching guidelines may change from, "you don't have to match bullets" to "you don't have to match on anything in this tag"
  • note, these XML files are master files from which other iterations (e.g., HTML pages, plain text, etc.) are generated from
  • decision point re: what to call tags and how to nest them and map this to current matching guidelines with beginning of revisions for matching guidelines - this is starting point; then Kris can revise and make "official" first pass for all files; then review by legal team
    • better to not map on RDF since really not related; tags should relate to matching guidelines so should map there.
    • discussed need to have "pair-programming" approach to review

Action items for next call:

2) update on Collab Summit schedule

  • who will be there: Jilayne, Paul, Kris, Phil - maybe, Eric and Sam - probably not
  • Info can be found here:
  • SPDX will have a room for work group all day on Wednesday: morning for review of 2.1 spec and afternoon for license templatizing work - would be great to have as many people as possible there!