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Community Bridge

These pages are dedicated to Community Bridge projects for SPDX.

Summer 2020 Process and Selection Criteria

We now have funding and mentors available for up to 2 students. With over 50 applications, we will need to be very selective.

Below is the process and the criteria we will use for selecting the student for this project:

  • Applications are now open for any student with proof of enrollment
  • The project is scheduled to start July 1 and run through end of September
    • Since the project workload is equivalent to full-time work, applicants should make sure that no other obligations (e.g. to school) would prevent them for dedicating this time to their project
  • Applicants should upload a project proposal to community bridge with the following information before June 15:
    • A description of the project and how it improves the SPDX online tools and benefits the SPDX community
    • A workplan describing the deliverables
    • 4 specific milestones at 25% 50%, 75% and 100% of the project timeline – these milestones will be basis for paying the student stipends throughout the project
  • Project ideas can be found on the Community Bridge Mentoring Project Ideas Page:
    • These reflect our current priorities, but are not restricting: we are open to any other project ideas applicants may propose
  • Selection will be based on 3 factors:
    • The project proposal
    • Contributions to any of the SPDX projects (all located under the SPDX GitHub organization):
    • Contributions to other publicly available projects which use similar technologies (e.g. Python or Django projects)
  • A short list of candidates will be selected on the week of 15-19 June
    • Applicants not selected will be notified, so that they are freed to apply to other Community Bridge projects
  • The final candidates will be selected on the week of 22-26 June

SPDX Mentoring Projects

The following are mentoring projects available on the Linux Foundation Community Bridge

Project ideas can be found on the Community Bridge project ideas page