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SPDX Tool Certification
version 0.1 May 4, 2017


This document describes the SPDX Tool Certification program.


The goal of the SPDX Tool certification program is to allow makers of SPDX tools to cerify their implementations. At this time only the required fields will be checked as part of the certifrication process.


Intial Roll Out Plan
Date Milestone
Open Source Summit NA Sept 2017 (Sept 11 - 13) Announcement of the program and call for input. Submitted request for a talk on this (May 1)
LinuxCon Europe October 2017 (October 23-25) Trials for certification
LF Leadership Summit 2018 Formal announcement of the program and certifications can start.

Certification Program

Want to look at license quality (how well they detect the licences in code) vs how semantically correct they are(?). Will have a set of reference packages with the right answers to compare to.

  • Is this a self certification or do we have to see the results?
  • Are there certifications for both producing and consuming?
  • Do you get a badge or something if you pass?


  • Testing optional fields if used.