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LAST EDITED: 13 Jan 2016

Outreach Plan

This is a work in progress as of 26 October 2015

Conferences and Seminars

We want to find people to speak about SPDX at these events. Should we have a common theme for the year?

Conferences and Seminars
Conference Date Who is Speaking link when are papers due
ApacheCon NA 2016 May 9-12, Vancouver Feb 12
ApacheCon Europe 2016 Cant find a date yet
EclipseCon NA 2016 Mar 7-10, Reston VA Nov 23, 2015
Embedded Linux 2016 April 4-6, San Diego February 5th
FOSDEM Jan 30-31, Brussels Oct - missed for 2016, try for 2017
LinuxCollab 2016 Mar 28-31, Lake Tahoe, CA Feb 2 (there will be F2F meeting for SPDX at this event)
LinuxCon NA 2016 Aug 22-24, Toronto April 26th. Event is Aug 22-24
LinuxCon Europe 2016 Oct 4-6, Berlin June 17th. Event is Oct 4-6
Open Compliance Summit 2016
OSCON 2016 May 16-19, Austin, TX Nov 24, 2015

OS Communities

These are communities we want to target and have then start using SPDX. What does that mean though? Is is the license identifier, documents or the license list or all or some?

Open Source Communities
Community Who is working with them
Apache Gary O'Neall, Kate Stewart, Phil Odence
Debian Kate Stewart
Eclipse TBD
Fedora Jilayne Lovejoy
Github Gary O'Neall, Jilayne Lovejoy, Kate Stewart
Linux Collaborative Projects Kate Stewart
Linux Kernel Kate Stewart
Yocto Matt Germonprez


These are standards groups we want an intersection with on SPDX.

Standards Groups
Standards Group Who is working with them What are we working with them on?
ExampleR2C1 ExampleR2C2 ExampleR2C3


Targeting tools vendors to have them support SPDX Docs.

Tool Vendors
ExampleR2C1 ExampleR2C2 ExampleR2C3