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Last Updated 19 November 2015

This is a temporary page to track the transition of the business team name change.

Based on our last call there were no objections to changing the business team name to “Outreach”. Basically our charter charter remains unchanged with a slight addition for education:

“The Business Team has primary responsibility for go-to-market activities of SPDX, including: launch e "activities for new versions of the SPDX specification; outreach; education; and the SPDX website.” If you have comments about the mission or name change please post to the list.

Here is the list of collateral that needs changing. We will need to get names assigned to all of these:

  • About SPDX- change reference to business team
    • Jack Manbeck will do this as part of the new website changes.

  • Participate Section of Website.
    • Menu (top and side)
    • Main Page- Name/Link under SPDX Teams
    • Business Team Page -Several places change name. Do we want/need to change URL?
    • General Meeting Page change standing agenda
      • Jack Manbeck will do this as part of the new website changes. The URLs are interesting but should be changeable on the new site by re-creating the pages.
  • Mailing List
    • Lists page
    • List name spdx-outreach
      • Anything break (archives, signup, whatever) when we change? Kate Stewart is asking the Linux Foundation if the list name can be simply changed without effecting subscriptions or the archives. Based on that we will figure out what to do.
  • Wiki
    • Because page title is driven by URL, I think we will have to create a new section and archive the old.
      • Need a volunteer. References on wiki pages to the Business team will change to Outreach and Education. Wiki page names (URLs) will not as the pages would have to be re-created. Maybe over time we can do that. As this is the working section not viewed as that problematic.
      • Pierre Lapointe
  • Standard Slides – References Biz team in a few places
      • Phil Odence will do.

Any older collateral like blogs or press releases will not be changed. On the new page for the O&E team we will mention ewe changed the name from Business so people who may see older collateral wont wonder.