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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kate Stewart
  • Jeff Gran
  • Brandon Robinson
  • Kirsten Newcomer


  • Use Cases
  • Next Steps
  • Tools bug update

Use cases

  • Added information to use case 14-2 (collecting information for auditor to provide …)
  • Almost done – last use case needs to be details

Next Steps

  • Update current model to 1.1 – Kate will send Gary the 1.0 files and Gary will update
  • Update the examples to 1.1 (Time, Busybox, SPDX Tools)
  • Begin discussing the 2.0 model proposals

Tools Bugs update

  • A few bugs were found in the tools relating to tag/value
  • Gary is coordinating with Rana and fixes (most fixes are pushed to the repository but not yet built into the tools)
  • Most of the bugs are code related
  • Note that there is an implicit ordering of the tag/value pairs (e.g. the artifactOf project name needs to precede the artifactOf URL). We may want to update the spec to make this explicit. It is only an issue for the tag/value. This is the case for the following:
    • artifactOf
    • Creator information
    • File
    • Extracted licensing info