Technical Team/Minutes/2011-06-07

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  • Bill Schineller
  • Kate Stewart
  • Nicholas Loke
  • Steve Crawford
  • Peter Williams
  • Gary O’Neall


  • Review current spec published 6/6/2011


  • Language updated from the legal team
  • Request review from Kirsten for the legal language
  • Still some review comments in the Legal team, so there may be some additional changes
  • Request for technical team to review and send Kate a document version under change revision mode to highlight any review comments or changes
  • Request for a spreadsheet example including the URI for artifactOf – Gary
  • Appendix II. RDF Data Model Implementation – needs a review to make sure it is in sync with the latest spec (especially naming)
  • hasFile property on the document – hasFile is a property of package. Having a property at the document level is OK, but we would like to add such a property in the future. Concern about the name “hasFile” at the document level. Agreed to “referencesFile”.
  • Discussion on having a property from the file to the document – agreed to postpone any changes until there is a use case which benefits from this relationship
  • artifactOf – need for more information to describe how it is used. Produce some examples.
  • Need to produce instructions on how to use the spec.
  • PackageVerificationCode excluded file, need to review/update the cardinality – 0 or more – some question/concern on the language used to describe the cardinality (0 or more mandatory or optional)
  • PackageVerificationCode excluded file – review syntax in the main document
  • Conjunctinve/Disjunctive licenses – should the cardinality be 2 or more – tradeoff of additional effort for tooling to interpret manage degenerative case. Agree to 2 or more as the cardinality.
  • SimpleLicenseInfo discussion – Should we have SimpleLicenseInfo a straight subclass of AnyLicenseInfo? Would be more constraining, but would also match the conceptual model – proposed for next week’s agenda
  • Proposal for embedded octect stream – proposed for next week’s agenda