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  • Bill Schineller
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart
  • Marshall Clow
  • Phil Koltun


Pre-meeting discussion on version management of the specification. Need to work through the remaining issues to get the git version of the spec in sync. After that, we can modify the process to automatically push out the defects.

Issues review - please refer to the spreadsheet attached to the minutes. The legend tab describes the priority definitions.

Changes in the spreadsheet from the original proposed priorities:

587 and 625 should probably be merged

617 - leave as priority one since the legal team may require

Move 640, 643, 646 to P1 - these will affect the spec being in sync

623 - comment field for author of the SPDX document - move to P1 since this is relatively easy

Need to add a bug to track the implementation of the xor's for all file hashes to create a unique package signiture

Reference this new bug in bug 593 - the solution referenced above will solve this bug as well

Bill added rought estimates on the effort for the P1 defects

Gary will update bugzilla with all of the priority information from the meeting

From this point forward, all submitters of bugs should assign a priority based ont he following critera:

1 - Must be resolved for beta

2 - Want to resolve for beta, but is a must for the release 1 of the spec (e.g. can be resolved after the start of beta)

3 - Want for release 1

4 - Target for a future release of the spec

We should assign all P1's - if you see any bugs you would like to work on, please assign it to yourself

Some discussion on the support for tag values in Beta. We will raise this question in the call with prospective beta sites on Thursday.