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  • Brad Edmondson
  • Paul Madick
  • Alexios Zavras
  • Michael Herzog
  • Mike Dolan
  • Karen Copenhaver
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Alan Tse

1) XML Update: website preview:

  • ~30 licenses had issues - need to address when cleaned up - some just out of order, etc.
  • some had to do with lists that didn't have items or missing end list tag
  • tag for other URLs: if that is empty it throws an error - if no URL, then remove that tag/section altogether --> after conversion, Gary can fix and commit directly.
  • landing page with table - looks the same, no changes
  • individual pages: (Apache-2.0 as example)
  • * bullets/numbers are showing up on a separate line. after we convert, do a global search and replace and remove p tag around bullet tag - should then display correctly - will want to review after that to make sure it didn't break it otherwise
  • * colored text for replaceable and omitable text (red and blue) displaying same for red text, but blue is not showing up - should trigger off of optional tag

- process: 1) still need to review ~20 licenses 2) address any remaining issues 3) freeze!! XML repository (change settings to only a few people have direct commit access) 4) in XML repository: new tag conversion (to new names) 5) address any issues related to generating webpage (Gary or will file new issue) 6) generate web pages to PREVIEW 7) resolve any issues 8) go live - need to sort out how to replace old repository with XML repository... --> put note on old one and refer to new one and just use that - rename? have to sort out how that would work. maybe just rename current one to "archive" and keep XML repo name as is OR clone XML into current repo, then get rid of XML repo --> this seems like better option

then update other webpages: - move matching guidelines into Github too, so can be tracked for changes, etc. - process requesting a new license and tracking that (in Github, in spreadsheet, etc.) - XML description Schema? (add link to that... where?) - general instructions on contributing to the licnese list - on Github README (with link to that from website / license list page)

2) Request to add Linux Normal System Call Note to SPDX License List - is this an exception? this is where is structurally belongs re: the SPDX License List - acknowedemdnet that "exception" concept language, was not well-formed at the time Linux put this note with the licnese. it is with the license, part of license, not just some random info somewhere else - what about extra paragraph re: GPL only as found here: - clarification, interpretation, or exception? historically - when this was put in, this would not have been accepted by license author, so more like an exception (exception language - - some people would argue that some excdeptions are merely a coorect interpretation of the license