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Attendees =

  • Paul Madick
  • Stephanie
  • Dennis Clark
  • Kate Stewart
  • Jilayne Lovejoy

1) update on presentation Jilayne and Kate did at FSFE workshop on non-English licenses

  • OSI shared their policy which is that they only accept it in English language and require a certified English translation
  • some activity on this on general mailing list as a result of presentation
  • point that putting a link is helpful but not saying it is an "official" translation
  • issue of tools and matching: Dennis shared approach for Scancode which treats any translation as same license and same identifier
  • seems ok to take word of author if they have multiple translations to use same identifier
  • but what if someone else does translation (not author of license itself)? how do we deal with that (in terms of translation)?
  • what about one language taking precedence over the other, if stated or not?
  • OUTCOME: set up a separate wiki page to describe a couple of the options we've come up with and then have broader groups review, etc.