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  • Tom Vidal
  • Dennis Clark
  • Paul Madick
  • Phil Odence
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Mark Gisi


Review/discuss various questions related to the next release of the SPDX License List - either that came up when adding the Fedora licenses or leftover issues

1) Fedora List – Reviewed questions regarding the below licenses.

  • Celtx Public License (CePL)- Remove the license from consideration since no license text can be found.
  • DSDP License- After reviewing the issue, the legal team will leave the final decision to Jilayne’s discretion.
  • Giftware License- The team would like to verify that Fedora’s use of the term Giftware license only applies to the Allegro-4 license. Irrespective, the legal team suggested that both the Allegro 5 and Allegro 4-Giftware licenses be added to the License List.
  • Leptonica License- The license on the Fedora site that may not be the current license should be added to the License List.

2) Do What the F License - other version – The question was raised if we should include the older version of the WTFPL license. The legal team decided to not currently add the license on the basis of insufficient usage.

3) Unicode - The Unicode license on the Fedora list and the Unicode license under consideration for addition to the License List found at are not the same. The Unicode License found at should be added to the License List and the short identifier should be “Unicode TOU”.

4) GPL 2.0-only / 2.0+ identifier – we can remove the request to review changing identifiers, since the issue is moot as a result of the to-be-implemented license expression syntax

5) “old” MIT – We no longer have the information necessary to consider the request to add this license. We will reconsider if someone can provide sufficient information.

6) Zend Engine 2.0 – This request was fulfilled through the Fedora licenses added. No further Zend entry is currently warranted.

7) Ruby license and variations- Ruby has several iterations. We are going to only have the latest version of the license on the License List. We will reconsider if approached to include any other version. We are not going to include the dual license statement as part of the license that often appears before the license text. Jilayne or Scott Lamons will follow-up with the maintainer of the ruby license and request no changes be made to the license without changing the version number.