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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Zac White
  • Dennis Clark
  • Daniel German
  • Paul Madick
  • Mark Gisi
  • Scott Lamons


1) Summary of LinuxCon happenings A day's worth of various meeting on Tuesday at LinuxCon

  1. Discussion about and outline created for Best Practices or How To guide to SPDX
  2. License Matching Guidelines discussion:
    1. discussed how to better sync-up matching guidelines with templates (proposed changes to guidelines subsequently sent to mail list)
    2. also discussed naming of the license list filed "standard header" and to "official license header" - generaly discussion about use of official headers, in that a license can be matched based on this
    3. versioning of license templates to sync on license list versioning - aiming for next release of license list (v1.20) to include a full set of templates
    4. Jilayne to drive work on going through list and bring issues to legal team to (hopefully) increase pace
  3. Adoption Discussion - most of this revolved around relatively new proposal of file-level license tagging using the SPDX License List short identifier (a la U-Boot); Jack has posted a draft of the proposal on the wiki at:
    1. talked to a few people about this idea whilst at LinuxCon and got encouraging feedback re: support and potential adoption
  4. Feedback from Samsung - Samsung gave a talk about their internal use of SPDX on Monday (see slides here:
    1. had a follow-up meeting with Samsung to discuss feedback for SPDX and learn how they learned about SPDX on Tuesday; good feedback and ideas on needed documentation and tututorials
  5. Yocto integration update from Matt at UNO and Jack
  6. Tools update from Gary
  7. met with GitHub as introduction to SPDX and discuss how came to be; identified some areas where we can collaborate in short-term and potential future work

2) Provide feedback for revised License Matching Guidelines - discussed some edits to this; Jilayne to send another rev to group, post-call

3) Fedora List - ran out of time; see email with NEW link for Google Drive doc; if you can't access, tell Jilayne. Also see separate email re: ideas on moving this forward via email/between calls