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* Tom Incorvia
* Tom Incorvia
* Kirstin Newcomer
* Kirstin Newcomer
* Jason Buttara
* Jason Buttura
* Tom Vidal
* Tom Vidal

Latest revision as of 20:07, 6 June 2013


  • Jack Manbeck
  • Phil Odence
  • Tom Incorvia
  • Kirstin Newcomer
  • Jason Buttura
  • Tom Vidal

Version 1.17 of the SPDX License List

Version 1.17 of the SPDX License List has been released (finally)!! .zip file is posted on http://spdx.org/content/license-list and the main license list page (http://spdx.org/licenses/) to be updated by Gary over the weekend.

Projects and Priorities for 2013

Do we have everything? assign owners. discuss timeframe/completion goals.

  • looked over list of projects and priorities for 2013 - added 3(A), but otherwise captured everything
  • plan for 2013: have people take ownership of various projects. Owner will be responsible for over-seeing project, recruiting help as needed, reporting on progress at bi-weekly calls, and any documentation. Goal here is to distribute work-load more evenly and have ability to have multiple projects going on at once to accomlish more. Also to create accountabiliity both in terms of achievement and timing. Page has been updated with timeframe and owner as per this call.
    • Phil - #6 (Jilayne to catch Phil up on background of this one, since Peter no longer with group)
    • Tom Vidal - #3 continue with the LL guidelines;
    • Tom Vidal - #1(C) also volunteered for GPL exceptions project (Jilayne to introduce him to Bradley and gather prior info/research and links; Tom Incoriva also to send any research he's done as well)
    • Kirstin - #1(A) re: tracking progress on LL requests, etc. she will review process doc and come up with proposal for tracking to run by group (maybe a separate wiki page to track and for transparency)
    • Paul Madick - #2(A) to take on Fedora license list (Jilayne to check for any background or emails and intro to Tom Calloway on this)
    • Tom I, Jack M, and Jason B to volunteer for something later
    • SPDX-LL matching guidelines still needs owner and is a high priority; would be good to have this completed by end of March. perhaps have two owners, one legal and one technical? definitely needs to be someone detail-oriented.
  • idea to start each call with overview of open items and who's available to help right now. project owners should also let the team know when/if they get buried and ask for help or delegate. everyone needs to find more volunteers!!
  • calls will continue to be bi-weekly, alternating with Business Team calls. TBD on timing (survey was sent out, need to tally responses; Jilayne and Jack to send update by tomorrow as well as new invites.)

Agenda for next call

  1. license list matching guidelines - do we have someone who can own this? everyone refresh their memory for next call re: where we left off (see meeting minutes for 6/27/12 and couple meetings prior, as well as this page: Legal_Team/License_List/License_Matching_Guidelines
  2. updates on timing for Paul/Fedora license list project
  3. updates from all project owners