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  • Esteban Rockett (Motorola)
  • Karen Copenhaver (LF/Choate)
  • Jilayne Lovejoy (OpenLogic)
  • Tom Incorvia (Microfocus)
  • Phil Odence (Blackduck)
  • Andy Wilson (Intel)
  • Michael Herzog (NexB)
  • Scott Peterson (HP)


This meeting was limited to discussion of the below proposals:

  • The Apache 2.0 license was proposed as the license for all tools created by the SPDX group, inclusive of shell scripts.
  • Further, the Apache 2.0 license was proposed as the suggested license to 3rd parties for any 3rd party desiring to open source a SPDX tool.
  • All in attendance were in agreement to the above. No objections.