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  • Attendance: 14
  • Lead by Phil Odence
  • Minutes of March meeting approved

Special Guest Star - Kris Reeves

  • Background
    • Working with the team over the past few months
    • Focused on improving templates and matching process
    • Has been building tools for his NodeJS environment to discover licenses to meet client needs
    • Created a tool that makes a binary decision about whether there are any problematic licenses, yes or no
    • Wasn’t working well initially because of “naive” approach in the package he was using Node License Finder
    • Found 3 packages that were trying to do this
      • Node Packet Manager used SPDX short names
      • Which got Kris onto SPDX
      • Tool was not using matching guidelines properly
    • So Kris got onto trying to trying to fix
  • SPDX Work
    • Felt there needed to be some changes
    • Started submitted bug reports
    • Conclusion:
      • The templates were the right place to address issues he was running into
      • Developed tool in parallel to working on:
        • More Mark Up
          • A big jump
          • XML files that contain all info about a license
          • Obsoleting spreadsheet
        • Better Mark Up
          • XML is familiar and available
          • Self-contained
          • Better to have the matching info in the data for tool consistency
        • Easier Contribution
          • Separate GIt repo, bugzilla, etc system make contribution awkward
          • Feels GitHub web interface streamlines all that, so advocating we migrate in that direction
      • Ideally all this reduces workload on Jilayne
      • Status
        • Has taken passes at converting licenses and submitted pull request
        • Still some issues he’ll work on this weekend.
        • Getting very close

Tech Team Report - Kate/Gary

  • Specification Update:
    • Good Collab Summit
      • Office hours talk kicked off with some good brainstorming on aggregating SPDX docs
        • Package referring to other packages and best ways to refer to and store relationships
      • Gary and Kris’ prevention was well received.
      • Spec review went very well
        • Bill and Yev are looking at adding some new classes
        • Helpful input from Robin Gandi
      • Looking for wider feedback in May and new release in June.
        • Possible August plug fest
      • FOSSology team did a talk that included SPDX
  • This week’s call
    • Addressed all open items from Collab Summit
  • Tools Update:
    • Bracing for spec to be finished to update tools
    • Kris has contributed some great tooling as well

Outreach Team Report - Jack

  • Website
    • New site is now staged
    • Reviewed at Collab Summit
      • Some limitations we will need to work around
      • Navigation really needs sorting out
    • Still hoping for April launch
  • Webinars
    • Met with LF Marketing Team
    • Will help us with a webinar as a trial
    • Jack creating one pager to advertise
    • Suggested piggy backing on a new initiative being launched in July- Professional Open Source

Legal Team Report - Jilayne/Paul

  • License list v2.4 is up
  • Lots of work on new format that Kris talked about
    • Legal team needs to review how the output looks
    • And to take another pass at the licenses
  • Special legal team meeting today immediately following

Cross Functional Topics - Phil

  • Google SoC
    • We are on the list of LF projects
    • No requests yet, but expecting some
  • Still looking for special guest stars to speak at General Meetings
    • Jilayne has an idea for July.


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation
  • Pierre LaPointe, nexB
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, ARM
  • Mark Gisi, Wind River
  • Michael Herzog- nexB
  • Dave Marr, Qualcomm
  • Jack Manbeck, TI
  • Kris Reeves
  • Scott Sterling, Palamida
  • Josiah Krutz, UNO
  • Matt Germonprez, UNO
  • Gary O’Neill, SourceAuditor
  • Paul Madick, Dimension Data