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This wiki page describes how to submit a request to the SPDX workgroup to have your tools which support SPDX linked to the SPDX website under the Tools section.

General Requirements
The following are the general requirements you must meet before we can provide a link from the SPDX website to your tool and/or project:

  • The tool must currently support SPDX (i.e. it is not a planned release).
  • You have a page on your website that describes how the tool supports SPDX. This will be the link you provide in the Required Information below.

Required Information
When submitting a request to have a link to your tool you must provide the following:

  • Whether this is a community or commercial tool.
  • A small logo which can be displayed. This is optional. If provided it must meet the following criteria
    • Maximum file size: 32 MB
    • Allowed extensions: png gif jpg jpeg
    • Images must be between 122x122 pixels and 1000x122
  • A short teaser of one or two sentences that describes your tool. No more than 160 characters including spaces.
  • A long description which can be up to a couple of paragraphs. Try not to get too verbose. You will have a link to your website for lengthy explanations.
  • An http link to your site for access to the tool and information on how it supports SPDX.

How to submit a Request
Send an email to the outreach team mailing list with the subject Tool Link Request. You must provide the information listed above in Required Information.

Review Process
All tool link requests are reviewed by the Outreach team. In general we will try to finalize the review at the next scheduled conference call(the business team has bi-weekly calls). You are welcome to participate. You will also be contacted with the result of the review. Once approved, it will be posted to the site.