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  • Jack
  • Scott
  • Michael
  • Jilayne Ibrahim


  • Discussed survey on barriers to adoption. Michael volunteered Pierre to work with Jack on this. Scott will track down previous work from the SPDX end-user summit at Cisco. Publish the survey on the SPDX list and maybe other places like the LF Facebook page, FossBazaar, ect...
  • Ibrahim discussed some of his ideas on what we need to move SPDX forward including outreach to LF members. Need a more formal governance although he's willing to share want we have and gather feedback. If we're successful in recruiting companies then we need an onboarding process -- where do they focus resources they're committing.
  • Michael questioned if we need a system to track and coordinate our outreach to companies and projects. He's going to investigate some cloud based CRM type systems.
  • Jack's provided a update on the website. He's been doing a great job reorganizing and getting broken links fixes. Thanks Jack!