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  • Beta program update
  • Volunteers for beta coordinator
  • Beta materials
  • Product management question on tools reqts


  • Kim Weins
  • Phil Koltun
  • Phil Odence
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Mark Gisi
  • Esteban Rockett
  • Scott Lamons
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


  • We reviewed status of Beta sites.
    • 3 confirmed trading partner pairs
      • HP - WindRiver
      • Motorola - TI
      • Antelink - community project (OpenLogic will create SPDX file for Antelink)
    • Possibles - still determining
      • Mentor Graphics
      • ASUS
      • Alcatel-Lucent (as another trading partner for HP)
      • Fedora
  • Beta coordinators
    • We asked for volunteers to be beta coordinators. They will help project manage a particular trading partner pair and make sure beta is moving smoothly. VOlunteers are:
      • Kim Weins
      • Phil Odence
      • Kirsten Newcomer
      • Gary O'Neall
    • We may need additional volunteers depending on the number of beta sites. Let Kim know if you are interested
  • Beta materials
    • We discussed the materials that will be needed for Beta and who volunteered to work on them
      • Process overview (proposed methodology) - still need a volunteer
      • Training materials
        • SPDX overview - business - Kim
        • SPDX technical - ask technical team for a volunteer
      • Documentation on tools - Kirsten N to write, Scott L to help test/review
      • FAQ on using the spec
        • Kim and tech team for techncial stuff
      • Bug system
    • Timing - goal is to be done with materials be end of March. Drafts are due Mar 17. That will give last 2 weeks of Mar for review/edits
  • Question on tool requirements
    • Gary O'Neall asked beta participants (3 were on call) for preference of RDF vs tag-value format. Beta people wanted to check with their technical folks, but general consensus was either that they didn't care which format or leaned toward RDF.
    • Kim forwarded questionnaire to Betas after the call to ask for add'l feedback