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Pierre, LaPointe, Kirsten Newcomer

Initial focus is on reworking the Home page for; we'll tackle other pages after that. Discussion points covered items such as format, navigation, work group wiki pages, and analytics.

Format & Navigation

The home page provides a possible model we might want to follow.
There are at least 3 major categories that need to be easy to access from the home page:

  • Participate
  • Beta
  • Learn/Use -- not clear yet whether this should be category or two

We might use the kind of format shown on for "Attend a Linux Event," "Enroll in Linux Training," and "Read a Publication."

Having drop downs for the links across the top of the page (as is done on would help to provide additional info as to what's available on those pages so that users don't have to navigate there first to figure out what's available.

The contents of the blue bar at the bottom of should use larger fonts and might also have more links to help folks find more items.

The navigation links that appear on the right hand side should be moved to the left (assuming we decide to keep them)

Work group wiki pages

Working group wiki pages: We will reach out to the leads for each working group and ask them to gather feedback from their groups as to:

  • Most relevant/used areas
  • What parts of the current structure works well for their working group
  • What parts could be better organized
  • Is it time to group some of the existing links for easier navigation


It would be helpful to have analytics on use/page visits of the existing web pages

Action Items

  • Create initial mock-up for a new Home page -- Kirsten
  • Contact Martin M. to find out about analytics for the existing web pages -- Pierre
  • Collect feedback from the Legal team on the Legal Team area -- Michael from NexB
  • Collect feedback from the Technical team on the Technical Team area -- Kirsten
  • Talk to Phil Odence about getting feedback on the area for the General Meeting -- Kirsten
  • Talk with Kim about getting feedback from the Business team on the Business Team area -- no owner
  • Schedule a regular check-in call -- Kirsten