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Minutes 7/26/2011


  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Branden Robinson
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart
  • Steve Cropper
  • Jack Manbeck


  • Discuss proposal from Steve Cropper for Supplier related fields
  • Review open bugs

The team had a good discussion about the new proposed Supplier fields, including discussion of:

  • Optional vs. Mandatory
  • Reasons for including in GA of 1.0 rather than waiting
  • Overlap with need for handling package hierarchies
  • Affect on tools
    • suggested that tools could be udpated after GA date
  • Use cases, including
    • open source package maintained by loose coalition where no individual has clear ownership
    • open source package where original copyright owner has died
    • package shared between supply chain partners
    • Discussed providing special options as we do for certain other fields such as NOASSERTION, NONE, and possibly ORPHANED

Spec update

  • waiting for trademark info from Rockett
  • waiting for input from Karen C. on confidentiality

Bug review

We ran out of time to review the bug list, but ask that everyone

  • review for any open P1s assigned to them
  • review closed bugs to be sure we're in agreement

Corrections, additions welcome.