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The website refresh team has put together a proposed information map for the SPDX web site refresh initiative.

We've decided to capture this using FreeMind, a free tool for creating mind maps. You can find information about Free Mind here: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Below, you'll find two PDF versions of the mind map we've created.

Version 1 shows the SPDX Home Page with 9 proposed child pages that would be available from the Home page. Many of those child pages have additional children. Open it up, and take a look!

Version 2 shows the same mind map, but with one more level displayed. This final level, in small, black, italic text, is used to indicate child nodes that, on the actual web site, would be links to another node. The text tells you which node the link points to.

Note: The mind map does not show page layout or graphics placeholders, but is simply intended to show the flow of information and likely links.

Feedback on this proposed map is most welcome.

If you'd like to provide your feedback in FreeMind, send me an email (knewcomer@blackducksoftware.com) and I'll send the .mm version of the mind map, since I can't post it here.

Next steps:

  • Collect Feedback
  • Implement in sandbox

First feedback session is being hosted by the Business team on Thursday, July 7th. We'll be happy to host additional sessions upon request.

Volunteers Needed! Once we have something close-to-consensus, we'll proceed to implement in the SPDX web site sandbox that Martin Michlmayr was kind enough to create. We're looking for volunteers who might know Drupal or are willing to learn to help with the implementation. We're also looking for volunteers to create content that might not already be present on ths site. If you're interested in helping, please send email to knewcomer@blackducksoftware.com.