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We've organized the feedback collected to date by the following categories:

  • Information Architecture
  • Visual
  • Navigation
  • Technology

Information Architecture

  • Hard to figure out who, what, when
  • Not organized for different users
  • Proposed usage categories: Participate, Learn, Use
  • Mockup feedback/question: Where does LEARN button take you?
    • Perhaps to About SPDX?
    • Learn sub-topics should include: History, Overview, Using the spec, 3 minute webinar
  • Mockup feedback/question: Developing the Spec link: where does this take you?
    • Perhaps this link is replaced by Participation link/button.
  • Mockup feedback/question: Outreach support link: what should be here? Who's the user?
  • Mockup feedback/question: Where does PARTICIPATE button take you?
    • To Participation pages
  • Mockup feedback/question: Provide one-to-one mapping of big buttons to top level links
  • build for both business user and engineer
  • identify types of tasks
  • buttons for returning users


  • too much text
  • add graphics, perhaps recorded video
  • need big buttons to draw attention to main areas/flow
  • reformat existing blue bar to have more links and bigger text
  • Compare what we're doing with other sites
    • Focus on Linux Foundation site rather than doing a lot of research across many sites since LF is sponsor


  • drop down menus (navigable) for top buttons allow users to learn more about what's available without having to navigate to another section first
  • provide multiple navigation paths to same content


  • Suggest wiki be used for collaboration pages but not other pages
  • Stick with Linux Foundation technology and standards
  • What permissions control is appropriate for working areas?