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This is the working area for the Website Refresh team.

The web team meets weekly on Wednesdays at 19:00 GMT (12:00 Noon Pacific Time, 3:00 PM Eastern Time).

Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada): (877) 435-0230

International dial-in number: (253) 336-6732

Conference code: 7438902829.

URL: http://blackducksoftware.adobeconnect.com/r59605444/

Goals & Assumptions

This team has been formed to review current website content and navigation with an eye towards readiness for SPDX specification GA.

Based on initial feedback, the team is currently focused on a top-down view, with an emphasis on new visitors.

We've also asked individual work teams to take a first pass at consolidating their Participation wikis.

The team will use a sandbox web-site to test out ideas asking for feedback from the broader group as we go.