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Updated Agenda

  • Stage Setting on OSS Compliance - 40 minutes
    • Stats, quotes, what are companies doing today, define the problem - Mark Radcliffe
  • Discussion: The Challenges of OSS Compliance Today 30 mins
    • Discussion at tables and then present info to the group
  • SPDX Primer:  What is SPDX and How Can it Help - 40 mins
    • Phil and Kate
    • will include info on what is in current spec and highlights of 2.0 and info on involving  OSS community
  • End User Discussion Groups led by (Cisco, HP, WindRiver, maybe MicroFocus (Tom Incorvia?))
    • Challenges and Approaches to Implementing SPDX - 30 minutes
    • How SPDX fits into a Corporate Compliance Program -- 1 hrs
  • Getting Started with SPDX  20 minutes (Gary O Neall and Jilayne)
    • Using the Tools
    • Using the License List
  • What's Next for SPDX - Interactive session - 30 minute
    • Summary of what's on the table beyond 1.0
    • Capture any additional feedback
    • Review/Prioritize feedback from throughout the day
    • Q&A /Discussion
  • Invitation to paticipate in SPDX