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SPDX Forum: Managing Open Source Licenses with Suppliers and Customers

April 6, 2012

San Jose, CA



The SPDX Forum is a one-day forum that will help companies learn how to streamline their open source license compliance processes.  The forum will bring together procurement, supply chain, legal and technical staff at companies that use open source technologies in their products to discuss challenges and best practices for complying with open source licenses across the software supply chain.  


We will also discuss how the SPDX(TM) (Software Package Data Exchange) standard, developed by a workgroup of the Linux Foundation, can help companies to improve and streamline compliance efforts.


Topics covered will include:

  • St
  • State



The SPDX Forum is hosted by the SPDX Workgroup of the Linux Foundation.  The SPDX Workgroup is an industry group that is developing a standard that enables companies to share information about open source licenses with suppliers and customers.  The SPDX Workgroup includes members from over 20 companies.








April 6, 2012


9:00am to 3:00pm






The SPDX Forum will be hosted by Cisco


10 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, California 95134
United States

Building O
First Floor
Chess Meeting Room






Have questions about the SPDX Forum, please contact Kim Weins kim.weins@openlogic.com