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Action Items - Stage 1a: XML Conversion of Existing Licenses

Existing License PRs

  • Finish main review of all licenses so that all can merged (Who: ALL)
  • Kris to put original "conversion" tool (to convert text files into XML format, to then be reviewed) in public repository so anyone else can use it or improve it (KRIS)


  • Convert and add exceptions to repository (KRIS or someone from tech team using Kris' tool)
  • note from Gary: tools don't care whether in same or different directory
  • Review exceptions and merge exception PRs (ALL)

Deprecated licenses

  • outcome: Proposed solution to add a boolean attribute named deprecated to the SPDX element with a default value of false. For the "+" deprecated licenses, we would copy the XML file, rename it to include the "+" and add deprecated=true to the SPDX attributed.
  • Convert and add deprecated licenses to repository (GARY)
  • Review and merge deprecated license PRs (ALL)

PRs tagged "requires acknowledgement" or "has self-referring numbering"

  • Originally, we planned to add XML tags to reflect these characteristics (and not merge these licenses until we do so). For now, though, we will leave this as a potential feature for the future, and proceed to merge these licenses as long as their basic formatting looks correct. (We will be able to go back and review which PRs had these labels even after merging.)
  • Merge those labeled "approved" and "requires acknowledgement" (JILAYNE) --> DONE
  • In future, may also need a more thorough review of existing licenses to see if any others meet these criteria (i.e. can't rely solely on the labeled PRs)

True-up license list to current release

  • Need to true-up changes to existing licenses from 2.3 (when XML repo was created) to current 2.6 release using spreadsheet (?? NAME)
  • Convert and add new licenses to repo from 2.4, 2.5. 2.6 (KRIS or someone from tech team using Kris' tool)
  • Review and merge PRs for new licenses/exceptions since 2.3 (ALL)
  • General Cleanup
  • After review is complete and all licenses and exceptions have been merged, general clean-up to include: (WHO? someone from tech team? discuss at OSLS) -->
    • remove body tag
    • fix lower case spdx tags
    • get rid of HTML- and UTF8-escaped characters
    • update tags as per tech team recommendations (see below)
    • ... others?

Finalize XML tag names

Action Items - Stage 1b: Switch to Github, using old license list format - Jan 30

  • Update info for README on Github for initial switch to Github from Git repo, prior to XML conversion (Dennis to draft, ALL review) - DONE
  • update README on Jan 30 or after with this text
  • update webpages where needed: (JILAYNE w/help from rest of legal team)
    • links to master files
    • page on requesting a new license - how to update, just point to README?
    • what else?

Action Items - Stage 2: Go live with XML conversion

Check website generation / tools

  • As of Sept 16 call, Gary had done a first pass on tools to generate website and caught a bunch of validation errors, many of which were from lower case <spdx> tag. Gary to see what other validations were and fix and merge if simply or create pull request/submit to legal team if needs review
  • other updates to spdx-tools for new XML format to generate the website along with the 5 different license formats in available in the license-list-data git repository (Gary)
  • preview of website before release


  • Review various webpages for updating
    • Alan did first pass, which raised various questions and other things to address, need to revisit now that naming issue has been resolved with tech team
    • license matching guidelines page
    • license list overview page
    • README
    • other pages?
    • info about XML tags ( - this may become part of spec as an appendix, but where to put in meantime?

Create new tool to take text of new license and convert to XML file

  • to do so by hand is a bit tedious. Will still need human review before finalizing. Initial tool Kris used probably won't be applicable. Would be nice if this could be web-based
  • discuss with tech team, find someone to take this on? ---> discuss at OSLS

Coordination with tech team and SPDX Spec v2.2

  • revisions to current appendix in spec as to markup (e.g., var v. alt markup tag)
  • explanation of XML tags - to go in markup appendix or new appendix?
  • ---> discuss at OSLS

Tool for verifying XML against known matching/known non-matching text files

  • Testing regime for XML (either manually or by continuous integration) to validate that XML source generates other formats correctly