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Action Items - Stage 1a: XML Conversion

Finish main review of all licenses so that all can merged (Who: ALL)

  • Kris to put original "conversion" tool (to convert text files into XML format, to then be reviewed) in public repository so anyone else can use it or improve it (KRIS)
  • Convert and add exceptions to repository (KRIS or someone from tech team using Kris' tool)
    • note from Gary: tools don't care whether in same or different directory
  • Review exceptions and merge (ALL)
  • Convert and add deprecated licenses to repository (GARY)
    • outcome: Proposed solution to add a boolean attribute named deprecated to the SPDX element with a default value of false. For the "+" deprecated licenses, we would copy the XML file, rename it to include the "+" and add deprecated=true to the SPDX attributed.
  • Review and merge (ALL)
  • licenses tagged as "required acknowledgment" - were going to not merge and than add a tag to denote this --> decided to make this a future feature; keep labeling these for future update
    • may need input from legal team at that point
    • Merge those labeled "approved" and "requires acknowledgement" (?? NAME)
  • True-up changes to existing licenses from 2.3 to current, 2.6 using spreadsheet (?? NAME)
  • Convert and add new licenses to repo from 2.4, 2.5. 2.6 (KRIS or someone from tech team using Kris' tool)
  • Review and merge (ALL)
  • General clean-up of all licenses (once review is completed and all have been merged), e.g., remove body tag, fix lower case spdx tags, get rid of HTML &-; characters, and update tags as per tech team recommendations (someone from tech team) --> discuss at OSLS

Finalize XML tag names

Check website generation / tools

  • As of Sept 16 call, Gary had done a first pass on tools to generate website and caught a bunch of validation errors, many of which were from lower case <spdx> tag. Gary to see what other validations were and fix and merge if simply or create pull request/submit to legal team if needs review
  • other updates to spdx-tools for new XML format to generate the website along with the 5 different license formats in available in the license-list-data git repository (Gary)
  • preview of website before release


Action Items - Stage 1b: Switch to Github, using old license list format - Jan 29

  • update README (see above for link to text)
  • update any relevant webpages:
    • links to master files
    • page on requesting a new license - how to update, just point to README?
    • what else?

Action Items - Stage 2: Go live with XML conversion

Create new tool to take text of new license and convert to XML file

  • to do so by hand is a bit tedious. Will still need human review before finalizing. Initial tool Kris used probably won't be applicable. Would be nice if this could be web-based
  • discuss with tech team, find someone to take this on? ---> discuss at OSLS

Define a new process for License List via Github and with new XML format

  • i.e., how to request a new license, what kind of pull requests we want, underlying process etc.
  • included checking with Kate re: moving license list to Github primary (instead of LF Git and mirrored to Github)

Coordination with tech team and SPDX Spec v2.2

  • revisions to current appendix in spec as to markup (e.g., var v. alt markup tag)
  • explanation of XML tags - to go in markup appendix or new appendix?
  • ---> discuss at OSLS


  • see stage 1 list - any further updates?

SPDX tools and website generation

  • see stage 1 list - any further updates?