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  • Mark Atwood
  • Mark Baushke
  • Richard Fontana
  • John Horan
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Paul Madick
  • Philippe Ombredanne
  • Steve Winslow


Discussed workflow for PRs coming in without a corresponding issue

  • New licenses should always have an issue
  • for minor changes, e.g. markup fixes, PR only is fine
  • CONTRIBUTING file should be expanded to explain this, e.g.: non-substantive changes or corrections to existing licenses

Polyform / License Inclusion Principles: Move Polyform to next release (3.8).

  1. Solidify license inclusion principles as currently exists; point website to GitHub docs
  2. Then, discuss in Github issue

Comments during call:

  • Include source available licenses, where intended for widespread use, and written by someone “third party” go on list; by companies for their own projects, goes in their own namespace
  • Some interest in including source available licenses on the list, whether b/c of use case for using that license for one’s own project, or to facilitate other FOSS projects being able to avoid them
  • Concern about SPDX license list being used as a mechanism to promote hitherto-not-heavily-used licenses
  • Maybe another factor is: If a license doesn’t substantially comply, then maybe it can still be added but has to meet these other criteria: e.g. not company-specific; maintained in a versioned way; significant enough use in the wild; and/or license steward’s “constellation” of licenses has significant enough use in the wild

Current issue for discussion of updates to license inclusion guidelines:

Python-2.0: Discussed whether should be split up into separate versioned licenses; earlier SPDX participant did a whole forensic analysis of Python license pieces. May not want to re-open but should at least document earlier decisions that were previously made.