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  • Alexios
  • Steve W
  • Gary
  • Dennis
  • Bradlee
  • Kate
  • Alan


1) 2018 meetings: will pick up again in January 11th - same time or any change?

  • request for an hour earlier to better accommodate European time zone
  • all on call was okay with this, but will put out to mailing list

2) Maintaining the SPDX License List in Github, process, remaining to-dos

  • Jilayne is not the best person to be the 'technical' maintainer of the SPDX License List any more - my Github skills are too rudimentary. We need to break up the review into legal aspects for the lawyers to cover/discuss and then the actual mechanics of getting the coding right.
  • Gary noted: 2 types of changes: more technical, e.g., is XML correct, managing PRs etc. and then more legal aspect/interpretation; could have technical gatekeepers and legal gatekeepers
  • Gary offered to help on the technical side; need a couple other volunteers here
  • need document for Contributing in repo; what is expected of contributors, etc. - Jilayne to draft/add
    • process: request is submitted, turns into PR, legal team reviews, tech reviewers verify and apply
    • eventually: could have form on website that turns into issue
    • process for new license request: for new license request for time being (via email) or Issue, gets discussed via email or call; Issue made (if not); once is decision is made capture info (checklist) in Issue and one of our tech reviewers makes PR which adds XML and canonical license text (because if not going to add, no PR needed and close issue); review by legal reviewer before adding/merging
      • update the text on website; add also to Contributing
    • for other changes to existing licenses: raise an issue; someone will respond - if trivial fix/technical fix, then technical reviewers can review and merge; if legal in nature, then goes to calls, etc. (use labels)
      • examples: any change that impacts matching in terms the text of the license - needs legal review

3 levels of testing that is being done:

  • valid XML (which can do
  • validating against schema
  • comparing against the original license text to test if matching is working correctly or not
  • need to keep this simply, easy to use for all

note: XML is not supported for use with tools - will be in the future

update for GNU licenses (make issue for this)

  • deprecate existing ones
  • add files for only and or later versions for each
  • Alexios to do this
  • will create a branch; JL to add Notes there, review