Legal Team/Minutes/2017-04-13

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  • Brad Edmondsen
  • Steven Esser
  • Stephanie Arce
  • Mark Baushke
  • Alan Tse
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


1) welcome to Stephanie and issue of full access to pull requests? may need to ask Kris for additional access

  • JL to email Kris re: this - DONE, fixed

2) issues to discuss in XML markup

  • Apache-1.0 / 1.1 - added markup to names (add issue to 1.0), made attempt at change in 1.1 - now resolved
  • BSD-3-Clause - all agreed we would like to have markup for this - now added
  • realized we don’t have a write-up for explaining markup (e.g., alt tags) - we need this and where should it go?
  • * spec has section for this
  • * should also go into DTD (definition record to allow formal proof that you are using appropriate language; defines what are key words, what are meaning, what are values parameters. format is both machine and human). Who is doing this? Gary, Trevor - see - that is XSD format. do we want both XSD and DTD format? Some examples of both, but usually one of the other and Mark said the schema is more powerful
  • * where to put this? on website, in Github repo, both?
    • where to put issues now? Brad’s recommendation to punt stuff to the Github repo
  • if not urls, should <urls> tag be there and be empty? not sure if seen this before (example was GCC-exception-2.0). this is defined by whether it is a required element or optional, would be defined in schema. delete for now, merge
  • remove notes about deprecated exception in current exception
  • SGI-B-1.1 - do we need markup in standard header? yes. Add markup for two places in brackets. Discussed whether the first bracket may need separate items for name of software, version number, and release date - Brad to add markup