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  • Sam Ellis
  • Alan Tse
  • Dennis Clark
  • Paul Madick
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Mark Gisi
  • Tom Vidal


1) New license requests, see:

  • ICU License - to be added
  • W3C Software Notice and License (1998-07-20) - to be added; (change full name on existing W3C to add date, and avoid confusion)
  • W3C Software Notice and License (1998-05-19) - not adding; too old, only was in use for 2 months. no one had seen it used in wild on call. can always add later if need be.
  • W3C Document Notice and License (1999-04-05) - not adding now - see comments below re: non-open licenses
  • W3C Document License (2002-12-31) - not adding now
  • This raised discussion as to whether to allow non-open source licenses on list with example of Sun Binary License again and prompted a mini-review of the license inclusion principles:
  • The W3C Document Licenses are non-free in that they prohibit modifications and the creation of derivative works. This fails the OSD.
  • Discussed whether we should amend the license inclusion principles such that documentation and specification licenses do not need to meet the OSD (as strictly) to be explicit about what we do and do not accept and avoid creating an un-intended slippery slope of inclusion
  • Decided that this is not the right time to make changes to the license inclusion guideline, as there are enough changes happening with 2.0 and such a change requires broader vetting with more of the SPDX Legal team, etc.
  • Also acknowledged that an annual review of the license inclusion principles (and other such license list collateral) is a good idea generally, so will endeavor to do so.
  • Idea raised to discuss this at Collab Summit, if we have enough people, as a face-to-face discussion would be a good way to start. Question open depending on who is there and schedule/room availability

2) 2.0 update - looked at SPDX License List v2.0-rc2 available here:

  • see notes from last meeting, Jan 8 re: some of the updates/changes
  • need to add live link to License Expression Syntax once v2.0 of Spec goes live, just a placeholder for now
  • discussed idea of adding examples of new license expression syntax for deprecated licenses/exceptions - decided to hold off until more eyes on 2.0 (both spec and license list) and review in a more holistic manner what further "practical tips" or other such information is needed, as well as where it should be appropriately placed

3) Collab Summit overview (coming up soon!)