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  • Mark Gisi
  • Paul Madick
  • Dennis Clark
  • Tom Incorvia
  • Phil Odence
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


1) Discussion re: priorities and the release of SPDX 2.0

  • License Expression- Mark Gisi will continue to lead our efforts in license expression and provide a draft of the integration of the new license expression into the 2.0 specification by the next legal team meeting.
  • Exception List- Dennis Clark will lead our efforts to build out the exception list. Jilayne will post a spreadsheet on Google Doc to start the project for Dennis.
  • Deprecated License-
    • Round table on how to express (link with new way to express, color coded, notes section, maintain older license list versions)
  • License List- New list will be made available at same time as launch of 2.0 spec. (will maintain flexibility to launch earlier if need be)
  • Fedora Good List- Not getting through list fast enough. Scheduled additional license review meeting for 5/7 at 9 am Pacific Time.

2) New License Requests - MX4J and Caldera

3) Continued review of Fedora Good list- Results posted.