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Attendance: 12
Previous minutes not reviewed

Legal Team Report - Adam

  • Discussing proposal for license list submissions. Goals
    • evaluated proposal from business team; would like to makes it easier / faster and take advantage of community
    • will circulate proposal soon
  • Discussion of issues on headers & notices led to broader discussion 
    • plan to review vision, direction, refine charter
    • need to clarify problems we want to solve since we can't solve every problem
    • prioritizing problems is a cross-functional concern; plan to discuss more broadly
  • Starting to develop legal use cases

Technical Team Report - Kate

  • 2.0 Spec
    • Working through use cases; have extended deadline for capturing use cases
  • 1.1 Still in progress
    • additional comment fields proposed: license level and file level
    • as soon as ready, will announce for review and close 2 weeks later
    • rough timeframe: end of May

Business Team Report - Scott

  • Jack & Scott have planned formal hand-off with Kim
  • Call in #s will change; check the webite
  • Primary focus wil be follow-up on SPDX forum brainstorming on ways to encourage adoption 

Cross Functional Issues – Kirsten

  • Kirsten & Pierre will work with Steve and Martin to create plan for migrating to new web pages


  • Kirsten Newcomer, Black Duck Software
  • Kevin Fleming
  • Pierre LaPonte, nexB
  • Kate Stewart, Canonical
  • Adam Cohn, Cisco
  • Michael Herzog, nexB
  • Scott Lamons, HP
  • Tom Incorvia, Microfocus
  • Chuck Gandreau, Protecode
  • Gary O'Neall, Source Auditor
  • Mark Gisi, Windriver
  • Jack Manbeck, TI