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  • Scott Lamons
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Phil Odence
  • Mark Gisi
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Chuck Gadreaux
  • Michael Herzog
  • Jack Manbeck



  • SPDX Forum follow-up
    • Scott received the list of folks who registered for the Forum from Kim.
    • Phil O prepared a follow up email that he will send (bcc:) to folks who pre-registered.
    • Might have been a few attendees who didn't pre-register.  Scott will ask Steve if we can get a copy of the sign-up sheet and add those folks to the spreadsheet and follow-up email.
  • Outreach/Adoption
    • Communities
      • Jack is meeting with the Yacto project this morning
      • Scott is trying to setup some time with Jeremy Allison of the Samba project
    • Companies
    • Tools
  • SPDXv2 Discussion (what role should the business team play?)
    • Some good work on use cases but we seem to be lacking a higher level business strategy, direction, and roadmap.
    • What are the high level problems we're trying to address and how do we prioritize these and decide which ones to focus on in 2.0, 3.0, ...   e.g. upstream adoption or solving downstream problems
    • Can these be seperated?   For example upstream adoption may not depend on new features and functionality in 2.0 (or maybe it does?? -- we're still early in the outreach process!).  Should 2.0 be focused on solving the big downstream barriers to adoption by companies, thier suppliers, our their customers
    • Might make sense to circle back and confirm that everyone is still in sync with the high level vision and strategy originally layed out for SPDX (Phil  to dig up some artifacts on that)
    • Micheal volunteered to get us started with a proposal or framework for how the business can  help to uncover and/or clearify the strategy and prioriites for SPDX moving forward.   He will circulate to the team next week and we will discuss further at our next meeting.
  • Web site
    • No update from web team
    • Scott will review bus team work on the new website to ID gaps prior to next meeting