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  • Kim Weins
  • Michael Herzog nexB
  • Chuck Gadreaux
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Scott Lamons
  • Kirsten Newcomer 
  • Steve Cropper
  • Mark Gisi


  • Turnover to Jack/Scott
  • Debrief on SPDX Forum
    • Contact info
    • Follow up email
  • Web site
  • v2 Process
  • Adoption
    • Communities
    • Companies
    • Tools


  • SPDX Forum
    • Think the forum went really well -- good number of new folks especially on legal side
    • Gary O'Neall -- attracted large companies, bit
    • Really happy with volume and participation
    • Worked well to get new people involved.
    • Follow up
      • Kim to email to everyone that attended/registered as follow up
      • Send list of companies (not names) to spdx list and in follow up
      • save for invites for next year
      • send list to core team for access
      • need to post meeting times for each group on website and send agenda/reminder day before and include link
      • post notes from Kate onto web site
    • At General meeting -- need to discuss handling of emails - also discussion of users list
    • Might make sense for LF to add as a standard add-on day at Collab Summit or as a separate event
      • If needed could get a shuttle from SF hotel of collab summit to south bay
      • Still treat it as a separate event though and promote separately
      • COuld it attach to LinuxCon events (evening)
      • May be better to be in Silicon Valley for a couple of years
  • Web site
    • Kirsten has completed home page for new site
    • Not sure about rest of site
    • Still a fair number of empty things in new hierarchy
    • Think Steve/Martin/Pierre are following up
    • Want to make sure that existing pages move over
  • Adoption
    • Communities
      • Outreach to communities follow up from
        • We target 4 possible communities
        • Kernel - Phil O to follow up with Jim Zemlin
        • Uboot - Kate and Jack to reach out
        • BusyBox - Mark G to reach out
        • Samba - Scott L to follow up.  Scott has message in to Samba - Jeremey Allison
    • Companies
      • SPDX Forum was great for awareness, but need to figure out where to go from here.
      • How do we adapt into the corporate environment and mental model?  Existing technical teams in companies have existing approach (like tied to SCM at Juniper) so how do you fit in to that - both technically and process wise?
      • Could we document process use cases and share them in whitepaper or preso on web site?
      • How do we work with a few early adopters and get them going and share their strategies?
      • Tech team is moving toward a migration path (vs tight backward compatibility)
    • Tools
      • Gary O'Neall is prototyping how to have hosted tools on web somewhere
      • There is a license matching prototype that Peter has posed
      • Ninka is working to produce SPDX
      • Scott Lamons working with U of Nebraska-Omaha to get Fossology up and running
        • Gary O Neall working with them as well