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  • Mark Gisi
  • Phil Odence
  • Kim Weins
  • Chuck Gaudreaux
  • Gary O Neall
  • Scott Lamons
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


  • Web site
  • SPDX Forum
  • Collab Summit

Web site

  • Mark Gisi, Gary and Phil O are done
  • Kim in progress
  • Jilayne needs to get someone on legal team to help
  • Not sure re tech section

SPDX Forum: April 6

  • Registration
    • LF has put up test registration page.  Kim and Phil to test.
    • Kim to add pages to the SPDX website with link to register
    • Once it's up, we'll notify people to register and invite others.
  • Agenda Discussion
    • We discussed the agenda based on feedback at the General Meeting.  See added notes below in the agenda.
    • We will capture feedback throughout, but will also discuss that feedback in the interactive "What's Next" session
    • We also have tenatative speakers listed below
    • Consensus is that we want to cover 2.0, but don't want to get done rathole of arguing about details of how to implement specific features in 2.0.  We will collect all feedback and feed that into the various workstreams
  • Updated Agenda
    • Stage Setting on OSS Compliance - 40 minutes
      • Stats, quotes, what are companies doing today, define the problem - Mark Radcliffe
    • Discussion: The Challenges of OSS Compliance Today 30 mins
      • Discussion at tables and then present info to the group
    • SPDX Primer:  What is SPDX and How Can it Help - 40 mins
      • Phil and Kate
      • will include info on what is in current spec and highlights of 2.0 and info on involving  OSS community
    • End User Panel: How SPDX fits into a Corporate Compliance Program -- 1 hrs
      • Cisco, HP, WindRiver, maybe MicroFocus (Tom Incorvia?)
    • Getting Started with SPDX preso  40 minutes (Gary O Neall and Jilayne)
      • SPDX structure
      • Spreadsheet
      • License List
      • SPDX Tooling
      • will include info on 2.0 that maybe relevant
    • Discussion:  Challenges and Approaches to Implementing SPDX - 30 minutes
    • What's Next for SPDX - Interactive session - 30 minute
      • Preso on what's on the table and hot issues
      • Q&A /Discussion
    • Invitation to paticipate in SPDX


Collab Summit (April 3-5)

  • We will have an SPDX overview session (presented by Mark Gisi) as part of the legal track on Wednesday.
    • Legal track is being organized by Bradley Kuhn
  • We may get an opportunity to be part of the keynote (still TBD)
  • We will have a room all day Thursday for our face-to-face meetings
  • We are trying to get a smaller room for the tech team for a half day on Wed for the tech team.  We're not sure if we will get this or not.  If we do, it will be at the same time as the Legal track on Wednesday -- so you would have to choose between the legal track or the tech team meeting.