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Antelink -- Freddy Munoz


  1. How well did the SPDX format cover information you need to exchange?
    The format provides reliable information about licenses (based on human analysis) and the distinction between the licences who are declared by the package creator and those which are found in files.
  2. What was effort involved in converting to/from SPDX format?
    The conversion from the SPDX file format to an object model was easily made.
  3. Did the SPDX format help you understand what was in the software?
    The SPDX file format gives declarative fine scale information about the licenses and the origin of each file in the package.
  4. How did the standard license information work for you?
    For us the standard license information is very important because is much more precise and reliable than a simple declaration of the licence's name with no standard formatting.
  5. Can you see how using SPDX could save your organization time/money?
    When we collect information about open source projects, it would be easier to parse information if the licence information were completely machine readable. SPDX format provides this feature.
  6. Are any changes needed to make SPDX meet your needs?
    If any file's licence cannot be defined ("none") it would be better if the format allowed to use "none" as one of concluded licenses.
    It's necessary to impose every concluded license to be the concluded license of at least one file, otherwise some licenses could be considered as concluded licenses of the package but we cannot know from which file (component) they come from.