Technical Team/Proposals/2012-06-18/isOsiApproved field for listed licenses

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Status: open


See also: bug #1050

The legal working group track whether each license has been approved by the OSI. That information should be published as part of the official license list.


Add a boolean isOsiApproved property to the License class to indicated whether the OSI has approved the license. Update the license list web site to display this information and annotate it with RDFa so that the information is machine readable.

Detailed Changes

    * isOsiApproved
      Cardinality: Mandatory, one
  • Add the following text to the properties section of the RDF terms documentation immediately preceding the licenseComments section:
Property: isOsiApproved

Indicates if the Open Source Initiative has approved the
license as being an open source license. A link to the OSI
license page for this license should be provided use the
seeAlso property when this property is affirmative.

  • Updated license list web site generator to display "Is OSI approved" after the "Other web pages for this license" info in the header block of license details pages.