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Below is a class diagram merging Ed Warnicke's proposed SPDX Element model with the 1.0 model. Definately a work in progress. Most of the class definitions can be found in the 1.0 spec in the RDF appendix (model) or in Ed's proposal.

The goals of this proposal are to:

  • Support the use cases for the 2.0 spec
  • Support the supply chain use cases
  • Support the "hierarchical" or embedded package use cases
  • Provide a more abstract model which can simplify the application of SPDX to some of the more complex use cases

This proposal extends the existing proposals by adding an SPDX Element Relationship which describes the type of relationship from one SPDX element to another.

See the attached document for the mapping between the SPDX 1.0 properties and this proposal.

See the attached document for a proposal on creating RDF references to other Licensable documents which can be verified through checksums.

Model updated per minutes of 2013 Linux Collab Summit:

Class Diagram