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April 14, 2010

This is a sample of what Geronimo would look like under current spec. Note that I have not provided all of the data – since it would be very large, but just some samples so we can see how it looks.


Version: 1.0

UniqueID: 123456789abcdef

Tool: OSSDeepDiscovery

Tool: FOSSology

Manual: OpenLogic

Reviewed by: Jane Doe

Created: 20100315-HH:MM:SS


  • Will likely have used multiple tools as well as manual review to create this list. Need to have a way to include all of those.
  • For “manual”, we may want a company name – not a person’s name
  • As packages get passed up the supply chain, it may be modified or added to by multiple people, companies, tools – how do we manage that?
  • Do we want to include the field names – or just the value?
  • It’s not 100% clear what “reviewed by” means. Do we really need it?


Formal Name: Geronimo

Package Identifier: geronimo-jetty6-javaee5-2.1.4-bin.tar.gz

Official Source Location:

Declared License: Apache-2.0

Licenses Present:




Bouncy Castle


BSD (3 clause)




CDDL or GPL-2.0 with classpath exception




MIT (modern style with sublicense)

Public Domain

Sun Binary Code License for JDK

Sun Community Source License Version 2.3


Copyright Holder: The Apache Software Foundation

Copyright Holder: The Dojo Foundation

Copyright Date of Package: 2003-2009 (for ASF)

Copyright Date of Package: 2005-2008 (for Dojo)


  • There doesn’t seem to be any information about what open source packages the additional licenses are associated with. Do we want that? Many of the additional licenses come from “bundled” packages. Knowing what package it is can be helpful, but we don’t show that
  • Where should actual license text go?
  • Copyright holder and Copyright Date can be problematic – since there may be multiple. What does it mean to have a single one? Should we list them all here? Need to align which copyright holders and dates go together.
  • Should we be listing copyright for other bundled packages?
  • For non-ASF projects, this will get even more complicated.
  • All of the highlighted licenses don’t have a short name in Fedora. Would we want all of those to be “Other”
  • There are a bunch of other notices/copyrights – how should those be handled?


File Name:










File Type: How do we handle this at directory level where there may be multiple types

License: Apache-2.0

Copyrights: Various??? Do we want to list all of them?

File Name:


File Type: source

License: Sun Binary Code License for JDK

Copyrights: Sun Microsystems

File Name:


File Type: source

License: Sun Community Source License Version 2.3

Copyrights: Sun Microsystems

File Name:


File Type: source

License: Public Domain

Copyrights: ??

File Name:


File Type: ????

License: W3C

Copyrights: ??


  • We can have lots of files and directories that are spread all over the project that fall under one license, but are of different types and copyrights. Do we need different blocks for each of these? Or can we list multiple files/directories
  • Do we really want to list every file here?
  • Do we just show exceptions to the Declared license
  • Do we need copyrights down to the file level? Or just an aggregated list?
  • With license.txt files or copying files, are we applying the license automatically to every file in the directory? The sub directory?
  • The file type is not easy – doesn’t the file name tell us that? Can we drop that field
  • I think we should reorient around licenses – list the licenses and then a set of files associated with them….creating a
  • definitive list of files for a license is not straightforward since you may have a licenses.txt file in a directory
  • Where does the actual license text go?