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Minutes for April 4, 2012 Face to Face meeting at Linux Collaboration Summit


Marshall Clow

Kate Stewart

Ed Warnicke

Jack Manbeck

Gary O’Neall

Peter Williams

Bill Schineller

Kirsten Newcomer


Discussed proposed agenda for Thursday afternoon (4/5) meeting

  • Use case discussion (Thursday)
  • Mandatory vs. non-mandatory / backwards compatibility
  • SPDX Tech web site
    • Review progress; request update from volunteers, and from Steve C.

 Steps needed to close on v 1.1 of the spec

  • Get Tech team to sign off, then publish to general team for final review
  • Open issues:
    • final pass to ensure RDF and spec are in synch -- Kate
    • Appendix 1 will be updated to reflect what’s on the website as of date -- Kate
    • Review section 1 to see if it needs to be updated  -- Kirsten
    • Compare version 1.1 and 1.0 side by side -- Kirsten
    • 5.3 & 5.4:
      • Per discussion, these fields will be made OPTIONAL -- Kate
      • Peter to provide a proposal for how to present RDF examples for these fields
  • Provide guidelines to consumers for adopting 1.1
    • Minimum: update Data License and Package verification code
    • Available OSS tools support multiple versions of the spec

 Proposed governance model for SDPX Technical group

  • Post agenda one day ahead of call
    • Kate owns and will delegate as needed
  • Proposals to be voted on will be posted to wiki and sent to mailing list
    • Votes sent to mailing list
    • Votes tabulated on wiki (with names)
    • We will use Plus one model for votes
      • Plus one (+) is a yes vote
      • Minus (-) is a no vote
      • Zero (0) is a present / don’t care vote
  • Any objection / negative vote results in a call scheduled on the topic
    • We assume that if you voted minus, you’ll participate in call

Brief discussion of signing & review fields

  • Suggest using annotations on already signed files for review data

Discussed schedule for 2.0. Potential schedule:

  • Draft by end of 2012, with beta program
    • Need tools lined up to support beta
    • Provide v2.0 SPDX document as an example
    • 2.0 GA is about 1 year out

Proposed To-Do list for next 12 months

  • Mailing list for users: spdx-users
  • Publicize IRC channel; ensure registered
  • Additional tools needed
    • SPDX document for existing tools -- Gary
    • SPDX validator – enhance viewer
    • Reading packages and generating SPDX files – Ninka, Fossology
      • Gary has offered to help Fossology
    • License matching normalization – Kate
    • License matcher – input text, and check to see if one of the standard licenses, leverage normalization tool
    • Existing tools now handle tag value format
      • Go between tag and rdf and spreadsheet
  • Tooling available with
    • Ubuntu – Kate & Gary
    • RPM
  • SPDX tools available via SaaS model
    • Amazon offers an option here
    • Gary has an instance already; UI needed
    • Ask LF to pay for hosting this instance for fixed domain (Kate/Jack will approach Jim when we’re ready)
  • Additional documentation is needed
    • Getting Started Guide with SPDX
    • YouTube video
    • Update tools documentation – Kirsten
    • Translated version of v1.1 into Japanese – Kirsten to see if I can find a volunteer to do this by June
      • Future: identify process for getting spec and related materials translated by community volunteers

SPDX 2.0 Use Case review & discussion: changes based on discussion captured in wiki changes

  • NOTE: Review to continue starting with item 12.


As always, comments and corrections are most welcome!