Technical Team/Minutes/2011-02-08

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  • Bill Schineller
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart
  • Kirsten Newcomer


Three items were discussed during the meeting:

  • Bugzilla ID 644 - cardinality of Package Overview Info is missing
  • Bugzilla ID 592 - License repo
  • Time for next week’s call

Bugzilla ID 644:

We discussed the implications of nesting in RDF/XML and the impact of any changes to the spec.

During the discussion, it was decided that a diagram representing the domain model would be helpful in resolving this and other issues.

Kate agree to draw up diagram(s) representing the domain model.

Bugzilla ID 592:

We discussed the processes for setting up the license repository. It was proposed that we use the license spreadsheet to produce RDFA/HTML pages which would populate the repository.

(Note - since the meeting Peter has proposed a modification to the process to retain the formatting of the license text)

Peter agreed to produce an example RDFA/HTML document.

Gary agreed to write a tool which would translate the spreadsheet into the RDFA/HTML documents.

Next week’s call:

Gary will be calling from Hawaii - we agreed to move the call to 1:00 Eastern time to accommodate the time zone differences.

Summary of Actions:

Kate to draw up diagrams representing the domain model

Peter to draft an RDFA template/document for the license

Gary to write a tool to translate from the spreadsheet to RDFA