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  • Mark Atwood
  • John Horan
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Steve Winslow


Reviewed and resolved remaining comments / finalized license inclusion guidelines on PR 990. Jilayne made a few remaining changes, and after the tests pass, Steve will merge the PR.

Also discussed process and roles for adding licenses to the list – consider something with more explicit roles like “reviewer”, “maintainer/committer” – and +1’s / -1’s from X reviewers as how to track what should be added. Intention would be to have more people with reviewer role than those who are required – e.g. 6 with role but only 3 required.

Also discussed “projects” – e.g. goals for 2020, including e.g. inclusion guidelines – with designated leads to shepherd them through.

One project idea: gather collateral re: license list, what is where (current status), where should it be

Agreed for now to leave inclusion guidelines historical background section where it is for now, in the same document as the updated principles. Will revisit as part of broader cleanup of docs.

Next release (3.9) pushed to end of April. Jilayne will go through and apply tags + release labels. Steve will send announcement to email list, noting the finalized license inclusion guidelines + URL, postponing release to end of April, and asking for comments on license submissions.