Legal Team/Minutes/2018-07-26

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  • Dennis Clark
  • John Horan
  • Steve Winslow
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Paul Madick
  • Kate Stewart
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Mark Atwood


1) General updates: GSoC is in last stretch, coordinate with Gary to have Tushar come on and demo tool next call?

  • XML editor: need to test this and provide bugs /issues here; or email student (and Gary); if raise issue, preface it as “XML online editor”
    • Gary has played with it, having a bit of trouble with auto PR function; he did a little demo. If playing with this and using something you want to actually use (not just a test), can download and create PR the usual way to use in meantime
    • Note: if you play with it, it WILL create a PR in the actual repository; so if just playing around, make it clear it’s not “real” and then close it or ask one of us to close
  • Submit New License project: online tool, fill out form, and auto-creates an Issue in Github repo. Not as far along, so can’t see yet in online tools server. Gary gave us a demo.
    • general workflow: user submits new license in form: 2 things then happen: populates a table of all licenses that have been submitted and status and issue is created in repo
    • form is for person wanting to request new license
    • (for Legal Team) can then click on row of table and click “generate XML file” and it will download XML to your computer, then can use that to create PR in regular way
    • OR can go to XML editor tool and upload file, edit it, and use that PR feature
    • this tool would replace email option for submitting new license - so, once usable can update those instructions (but may need a bit more work to get to that point)

2) Went through a couple “old issues” in repo that have “legal discussion” or have been hanging around. Notes made there