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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Marc Jones
  • Bradley Kuhn
  • Matija Suklje
  • Dennis Clark
  • Alexios Zavras
  • Bradley Edmondson
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Mike Dolan
  • Gary O’Neall


Get out the next release!!

Tasks and assignees:

  1. clear out issues that can be merged (Jilayne & Gary)
  2. isFSFfree - more work on matching up licenses?
    1. there is a prototype API to give to FSF - John is person to discuss this with (Kate to reach out)
    2. some are not obvious match - may need to confer with FSF on this
    3. some that are on their list, but not on our list: look at adding those on next release
    4. some versions of licenses we have and they don’t have
    5. Bradley explained that if a license is not on FSF list, it may not be intentional (don’t read anything into that), it is probably because someone didn’t ask for it to be on. The link from the FSF should link to text that was originally reviewed.
    6. we did not add element into XML to track this with idea of tracking it externally; when generated in different formats for SPDX License List, will take info from API and will be field that can be accessed programmatically.
    7. note: documentation in data list and programmatic update (Gary)
    8. as needed, add note/explanation if it’s not all tidied up
  3. move Matching Guidelines to Appendix II of spec - issue in spec repo (Jilayne )
  4. new licenses (to add):
    1. EUPL-1.2 needs to be added to XML files (Matija & Alexios to review)
    2. BSD-1-Clause - to add (Alexios)
    3. OSCAT - former discussion was that it was too specific; and had some restricted (not adding) - (Dennis to checked we did not get back to requestor) - (Dennis to email him)
    4. Bootloader exception needs to be added to XML files '(Jilayne)
  5. Overview webpage - minor updates needed (Jilayne)
    1. Add ifFSFfree field to SPDX License List Overview page (Jilayne)
  6. Intro text on License List / Exceptions page needs to be updated (Jilayne, Gary)
  7. Documentation for Github repo:
    1. README (Bradlee)
    2. Requesting a new license process: keep same for now; add link to this page in README
    3. create an issue in Github repo for direct changes to license files (need examples)
  8. Process for where to raise issues/discussion (mailing list v. Github issues)? do same for now
  9. check issues in license-list (archive) issues for stuff to move to new repo (Jilayne, Bradlee)
  10. permissions in GitHub in terms of who can do what
    1. make wiki page for “tabled” items
  11. repo switching - who/how? from to
    1. if change name of XML repo, but then lose history of license-list; can branch on license-list, but then lose history of XML repo
    2. or leave both and add note on repo: could we rename current to “-archive” and then change XML to be the current/master
    3. need to update README - do review via pull requests, but don’t merge until the day switchover
  12. version number (2.7 or 3.0)
    1. following guidelines of spec: incremental if nothing deprecated or backwards compatibility isn’t impacted (only additions) - otherwise major release (spec is wavering as well)
    2. this constitutes major release - next release will be 3.0
    1. Gary will need 2-3 days after everyone else is done (all pull requests accepted, issues resolved, and repository is ready) b/c changes are creating issues with templating rules and constraints of XML schema and no way to tell until run tool and spits our errors
    2. pull requests accepted and issues resolved by next meeting, Dec 21st
    3. actual switch on 28th