Legal Team/Minutes/2017-06-08

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  • Bradlee Edmondson
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Paul Madick
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


1) Gary has been working on 2 things:

  • conversion for current XML to new XML (i.e., updating tags) - one-time clean-up stuff:
    • removing body tag; fix lower case SPDX tags; update XML tags to new names
    • question on formatting for title tag, no formatting - so if you want paragraphs, need to add them (see note on Action Plan - latter is correct). current implementation requires

      tag - might not be consistent

    • anything that is just informational, no formatting (copyright, title) Gary would like to keep formatting out of XML tags, so could retain formatting
    • could we have text in title tag be bold? could add option to use < strong > HTML tag to title tag for next rev (to use with title tag) - later (either as part of definition of title tag or
    • we can now use formatting in Notes field
  • and to take XML to create HTML pages on that
    • "HTML-escaped" characters - some are needed (< >), but some not (quotes) - will get converted when generating to HTML - anything that doesn't need to be escaped will be converted
  • - move to issue, close PR and create link to closed PR

2) looked at issues in Github repos (current license list and XML working copy

3) Gary had to make some structural changes to the schema from the google doc - no one has disagreed

  • added exception tag
  • attributes for entire document - e.g., can contain multiple licenses
  • bullet is issues now - only used in lists and causing two carriage returns - shouldn't impact formatting; solved!