Legal Team/Minutes/2017-03-30

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  • Kate
  • Steve
  • Brad
  • Jilayne


1) Brad’s ABA presentation: 20-25 people, including range of people/companies

  • add Brad’s presentation (as well as Jilayne’s from OSLS - - and others
  • why is this page called “library”), ask Jack, also re: news items for these things
  • some questions Brad got: concerns about representing proprietary licenses alongside open source licenses in a package; question about other formats for compliance reports (everyone wants a different one, that’s why we have SPDX)

2) Update on XML

  • ask Gary about deprecated licenses - is he going to do these?
  • new tag for exceptions (instead of license tag) - added to Google doc - email tech and legal to confirm
  • version number conversation with Kate’s input, out of sync with spec anyway
  • fixes in Apache 1.0 and 1.1 licenses from Richard - will be part of next release, Brad added issue in XML repo