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  • Brad
  • Dennis
  • Paul
  • Jilayne
  • Alan


1) Brad’s presentation to ABA, IP Law section, subcommittee on computer programs and new technology

  • he had done a presentation to the open source subcommittee previously, but not much activity, only a few people; this subcommittee is more active

2) XML update:

  • exceptions : example of use field - decided to collapse into Notes or URL fields as appropriate, since most exceptions don't even have anything in this field, so not worth creating a new field
  • copyright notice for license itself (e.g. GPL, Apache-2.0) - should not be in copyright tag, just matchable text. Need to remove copyright tag on these. will also need to update guideline 10: Except where the copyright notice covers the actual text of the license.
  • aim for next release to be the XML conversion (even if not exactly at end of March/end of quarter), keep reassessing progress on each call
  • discussion re: will xml release be 3.0 or 2.7? major change, but is it really that different to end-user? but then will be on different major version from spec.. need to get more input here

3) Other business:

  • add Bootloader exception (see spreadsheet)
  • sleepy cat email from Philippe - just sent before meeting - discuss on next call