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  • Dennis Clark
  • Paul Madick
  • Bradlee Edmonson


  1. Review write-up of process for adding/changing/etc. licenses in Github
  1. Review any new license/exceptions requests
  • * Tabled for lack of quorum.
  1. Update on XML work
  • * ~86 pull requests to complete
  • * Many are already marked approved just waiting for clean-up

ii. The easier licenses to evaluate are complete and the remainder are complex and time consuming. iii. Need to reassess who can evaluate what is left and how we hand those out

  1. Can we fix some of the technical issues (replacing hexadecimal encoded characters with ASCII equivalents) programmatically so review is easier on pull requests as well as fix those already committed? Kris/Gary
  2. Next meeting scheduled for 12/22/16

a. Paul, Dennis and Bradlee are all available. Hopefully a few other folks can join so we can make progress on the new license/exception list before year end.